On 20 January 2021, PLTCOL WILFRED CERVANTES – OIC, Directorate for Operations, PCTC attended the said meeting via Webex platform which was presided by Mr. Jorge Fainstein Day Gastrell, Acting Director of INTERPOL Capacity Building and Training Directorate, IGCI, Singapore. The meeting started at around 10:00 A.M. and was attended by representatives of NCBs from ASEAN member country. Project TRACE is a three-year project funded by the Global Affairs Canada, aimed to equip ASEAN member countries with skills, tools and methodologies needed in order to effectively counter the use of the internet including social media platforms for terrorism purposes and to gather intelligence online to track foreign fighters. 

Further discussed and reviewed during the meeting were the TRACE Covid mitigation activities, success stories, lessons learned, and over-all outputs and achievements of the project. The Steering Committee members also agreed and endorsed the following actionable items:

1. Support the Project TRACE alumni in their duty to train their colleagues;

2. Ensure the donated equipment and software remains functional and optimally use;

3. Communicate to INTERPOL any training needs; and

4. Participating NCBs shall extend their appreciation to the Project donor.